What kind of photographer are you? 

I am a go with the flow, play with the kids, work with most any and all situations, never say cheese (but tell terrible jokes), talk to you, make you laugh, bring you closer together, closer still, relaxed, let's have fun and make magic photographer. More specifically, I specialize in kid-centered family sessions. This means nothing forced. Nothing that makes a child anxious, withdrawn or upset.  Let's be more real. Worry less about outfits and more about relationships. Let's go to a park. Let's go get ice cream. Let's do something that shows the heart of your family and let me be there to capture it. 


Kid-centered means I am going to focus on interacting and playing and capturing portraits of your children being uniquely themselves. The happier the child, the happier your photos. You will still be in the photos - also interacting and playing! Your family photos will reflect a relaxed and fun time together as a family. 

OFf to a good start  

Please arrive on-time and ready to start! Fifteen minutes late without any communication with me is considered a “no show” or cancellation and is subject to forfeiture of your session fee. With or without communication, the shoot will need to be rescheduled unless otherwise decided by me. 


Decide before the shoot what look you’re going for. Where in your home will your portraits be displayed? If in a more formal room, be sure everyone’s clothing is coordinated to this look. If the room is less formal and more “family” keep this in mind as well. Furnishings from desired rooms can also be used if the shoot is in-home, guaranteeing a perfect match to your decor.

Bouncing Babies:

• Soft or bright solids

• Simple styles like onesies are classic

• Diaper cover only

• Birthday suit (naked)

Avoid: Fancy clothes (collars, shoes, giant headbands) compete for attention with the baby

Fabulous Families:

Stick to a color palette of three to four complementary colors

• Layers are flattering and a way to show personality

• Shoes are optional

• Keep hair simple and clean

• Non-glare glasses keep glare at bay

Avoid: Everyone wearing the same outfit. Mix it up!

Crafty Kids:

• Layered looks are great

• Bright colors and fun prints

• Accessories: hats,scarves,chunky bracelets

• Clothes should be fitted, not baggy

• Bare feet or fun shoes

Avoid: Huge logos that date the image and distract the eye


  • Try to avoid wearing all white or fluorescent colors since it can be distracting, throws off camera exposure and makes a person stand out from the others in the photo. Wearing a vest or jacket over a white shirt helps break it up and is fine.
  • IRON your wardrobe! Every detail will show up in your portraits, so be sure to iron out any wrinkles.
  • Men – Be clean-shaven or beards and mustaches trimmed. For clean-shaven guys, you may think a little stubble won’t be seen on camera, but it totally shows in close-ups, so spend the extra time to shave. 
  • Here are some color combination ideas, but feel free to come up with your own combination.  Contact me if you have any questions and remember you can always bring more than one outfit to your session if you need some help with selecting!


Get haircuts at least a week before the shoot. It might take a few days to grow into (or fond of) a hair cut, especially if the scissors went amiss. This buffer allows for some growth, tweaks and perfections to the hair style prior to your session.


Build up the session to children as it really is—a time for fun and togetherness. There’s no need for bribes when the event itself is the reward. 


Calm your own lens nerves. Relaxed parents have more fun, which helps kids become most comfortable for the best shots.


If you bring your pet Sparky to the family shoot, make sure to get some brisk exercise with your pup before coming. This will allow for a (hopefully) slightly calmer canine during your shoot.


2 -3 DAYS BEFORE YOUR SESSION: I will give you a quick check-in call to confirm all the details from our pre-consultation.

THE DAY OF YOUR SESSION: When you arrive at the scheduled time, I will get to know you and your family. Prepare for a wonderful time during our photography session!

1 WEEK AFTER YOUR SESSION: I post the gathered images for a sneak peek on my blog and Facebook from your session, edited, retouched, and archived.

2 WEEKS AFTER YOUR SESSION: I will post an online gallery for your five day preview period.

2-3 WEEKS AFTER YOUR SESSION:  I will organize an in-person order session and meet to pick out your favorite components for your photography groupings in terms of sizes, arrangements and style (please bring all room measurements). We can also use this opportunity to take orders for gifts, albums, and any of the other product options. 

5-6 WEEKS AFTER YOUR SESSION: Your artwork and albums are ready for pickup! 

Thank you for allowing me to do the job I love.